Our vacations plans changed in an dramatic instant (actually, two) and what's left of our summer was left a bit wobbly. I called airlines, booked hotels, made alternate plans. Nate told too many people what was none of their business. 

My nephew's new kitten, Mittens.

My nephew's new kitten, Mittens.

It turned out ok. Daniel and I spent some time alone for our 9th anniversary. I'm never happier than when exploring and doing nothing important with him. It's a rare luxury and we mostly spend it laughing and drinking too much coffee. 

I watched my son unwrap his first bike, begging the whole time to ride it now, this instant. I fussed over him, making sure the helmet was snug. In a second, he was gone, down the sidewalk, struggling with the pedals, but independent. He turned seven dreaming of his new red bike and pedaling away, further down the sidewalk, away from where I stood marveling at how much taller he looks than yesterday.

I'm typing this in a new home, one that I didn't expect to live in for another week. The view out of my kitchen is green, lush from too much rain. A train comes by several times a day and every time I go out on the kitchen porch, I watch a family of bunnies munching on the grass. It's beautiful and somehow, it's mine.

I'm a lucky girl.